What is a Little Prompter?

A Little Prompter is a compact, versatile, and easy to use teleprompter that helps you quickly deliver a polished video to your students, to your employees, or to the public.  Up until now, teleprompters have been clunky, expensive, and difficult to operate–and many required film studios or a production team.  The Little Prompter changes all of that.   It’s a simple tool that promises to help you nail a smooth delivery using just a smartphone and your desktop computer, DSLR, or webcam.

DSLR Compatible

The Little Prompter is compatible with most DSLR cameras and lenses. The camera sled's adjustability allows the Little Prompter to accommodate most setups.

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Laptop Compatible

The Little Prompter not only works with DSLR cameras, but also most laptops. The Little Prompter will accommodate any laptop monitor up to an inch thick.

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What is Little Prompter

See What People Are Saying!

  • "What a great investment for anyone doing on-camera work from home."

  • "It's was easy to setup and even easier to use for all our team of volunteers, so much so that they felt they had picked up some valuable new skills in being able to use a piece of equipment that had never been used before."

  • "I record tons of instructional videos and I don’t know how I ever got by without this. Without question, one of the best home office purchases I’ve made."

  • "It works great! It has made shooting videos MUCH easier than before. It's worth the money because it's going to save us many hours of re-takes."